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Monarch Butterflies Comeback

Monarch Butterfly in Michoacan Mexico

Scientists were pleasantly surprised when huge numbers of Monarch butterflies returned to Michoacan Mexico in the autumn of 2003. Once again, these amazing creatures had flapped their little orange wings thousands of miles to cover the fir trees of central Mexico. Less than a year after a deadly frost killed hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies, this massive invasion had not been anticipated.

Resilience of the Monarchs

Heavy rains and extreme cold in the states of Michoacan and Mexico in January 2002 killed almost 80 percent of the Monarch butterflies there. Perhaps as many as 500 million butterflies died. In 2003, however, the butterflies came, and came, and came. Somewhere between 200 million and 500 million monarchs spent the winter in Michoacan, before beginning their final journey back to Canada or the Eastern United States.

Guided Monarch Butterfly Tours

Vancouver Language centre offers regularly scheduled tours to see the magnificent Monarch Butterflies of Michoacan Mexico. Join us for a memorable experience with the Monarchs.

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