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Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterflies of Morelia Michoacan Mexico

Here are ten facts about the monarch butterfly. Some might seem incredible but they are all true.

Monarch Butterfly Facts

  • The monarch butterfly migrates over 3,100 kilometers, without ever having been to its destination.
  • The male monarch butterfly is distinguishable from females by the black-colored scent glands on each hind wing.
  • The monarch butterfly is totally dependent on milkweed during its larval stage.
  • Milkweed contains a chemical that tastes awful. Birds soon associate the bright orange monarch butterfly with unpleasant memories. This works just fine for the monarch, which would otherwise be defenseless.
  • The monarch butterfly caterpillar sheds its skin four times within two weeks of hatching.
  • When the monarch butterfly caterpillar is two weeks old, it weighs 3,000 times as much as it did when it was born.
  • After the monarch butterfly emerges from the pupa, it must pump fluid into its wings and wait for them to harden before it can fly.
  • The monarch butterfly migrates from Canada to Mexico without training or navigational assistance. It is believed that the monarch uses the magnetic field of the earth and the position of the sun to find the town of Angangueo Mexico, where it spends the winter.
  • After laying about 400 eggs, the mother monarch abandons her young to look after themselves.
  • Monarch butterflies that breed early in the summer die within a few weeks. If a monarch butterfly does not breed before late August, however, its reproductive maturity will be postponed and it will live for up to nine months. It is these "late bloomers" that migrate from Canada to Mexico.

Guided Monarch Butterfly Tours

Vancouver Language centre offers regularly scheduled tours to see the magnificent Monarch Butterflies of Michoacan Mexico. Join us for a memorable experience with the Monarchs.

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