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Monarch Butterflies of Mexico

Monarch Butterflies of Morelia Michoacan Mexico

The annual migration of the Monarch Butterfly is one of nature's greatest mysteries. Incredibly, four to five generations separate the monarch populations that make this long and dangerous migration. The Monarch Butterflies that journey to Mexico are the great, great grandchildren of previous generations to have made it.

Monarch Butterfly Migration Destinations

Every fall, huge numbers of Monarch Butterflies gather in southern Canada to migrate. Until recently, it was not known where these butterflies went. We now know that some Monarch Butterflies travel over 3,100 kilometers, just to overwinter in places like Michoacan, Mexico. More specifically, these butterflies usually congregate in a small town in Michoacan called Angangueo. Some other Monarch Butterflies winter in Cuba or California. These long flights pose great danger for the butterflies, especially from predators.

The Butterflies of Michoacan Mexico

In sanctuary in Angangueo, Michoacan in Mexico, the are thousands, or even millions, of Monarch Butterflies. From morning until about 1:00pm, you can see them flying around and almost obscuring the sky. You will hear the fascinating sound of their wings flapping.

The Monarch Butterfly Model Forest

The Monarch Butterfly Model Forest (Bosque Modelo Mariposa Monarca) was established as part of the international network of model forests for the protection and conservation of the butterfly's habitat in Mexico. The Monarch Model Forest covers more than 790,000 hectares and 22 different municipalities; 12 in the State of Michoacan, and 10 in the State of Mexico. A strategic plan developed with technical assistance from Canada addresses the three basic areas of ecotourism, community development, and natural resource management. In 1998, the Monarch Model Forest requested technical assistance from USDA Forest Service International Programs primarily in ecotourism.

Guided Monarch Butterfly Tours

Vancouver Language centre offers regularly scheduled tours to see the magnificent Monarch Butterflies of Michoacan Mexico. Join us for a memorable experience with the Monarchs.

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