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Zoologico Guadalajara

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Zoologico Guadalajara is a must for any visitor! This modern zoo was opened in 1988. It is much more than just an animal exhibition facility. It is also an important an ecological center, which aids the reproduction and preservation of various endangered species.

The zoo covers 34 hectares, much of which has been reforested. The famous monkey sculptures at the entrance were created by world renowned artist Sergio Bustamante.

Bears, coyotes and deer are just some of the animals from Mexico that you can find. Hippopotami, monkeys, llamas, Iranian wolves, and ostriches are just some of the 2,200 other species that enjoy this natural habitat. use admiration. Insects, snakes and birds from Mexico and around the world are also artfully displayed.

It is impossible to see everything on the first visit. Guadalajara Zoo is actually part of a group of attractions including the Planetarium, Huentitan Park and the "Selva M?gica" entertainment center. Don't miss the dolphin and seal show!